Policy Statement

Familial Trust is committed to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of children, including prevention of child abuse and maltreatment. This policy provides guidance to staff on how to identify and respond to concerns about the wellbeing of a child, including possible abuse or neglect. The interests of the child will be the paramount consideration when any action is taken in response to suspected abuse or neglect. Familial Trust is committed to supporting the statutory agencies (Child, Youth and Family and the New Zealand Police) to investigate abuse and will report suspected cases as per the process in this policy. Our Designated Person for Child Protection, Laura James, will be responsible for carrying out the responsibilities outlined in this policy and will, in consultation with management, be responsible for the maintenance and annual review of this policy. A digital copy of this policy can be found on our website at www.familialtrust.org. The policy is due to be updated in July 2018. It is consistent with legal guidelines and will be updated annually and/or when new guidance is issued.


Our child protection policy fulfils our organisations commitment to identifying and responding to concerns of child abuse, neglect and the vulnerability of children in a timely and appropriate manner. This policy provides our organisation with a broad framework and expectations to protect vulnerable children, including (but not limited to), staff behaviours in response to actual or suspected child abuse or neglect.


This policy is intended to protect all children that staff may encounter:

  • Children accessing Familial Trust services
  • Siblings of children accessing Familial Trust services
  • The children of adults accessing Familial Trust services
  • Any other children encountered by staff as they provide their service