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   Lonaye Mckay


About Lonaye

Lonaye McKay Lonaye started working with the Familial Trust as Co-facilitator of  The Intensive Outpatient Programme in 2016 while studying for her Diploma in Counselling. Having achieved  her Diploma, she is now working with clients and has completed a Degree in Counselling. Lonayes own experience of living with whanau with addiction inspired her passion for work in this field. Lonaye finds working in an agency that has a mission that aligns with her personal values extremely fulfilling and the Familial Trust's clients to be brave and inspiring people. Lonaye embraces a Person-Centred philosophy in her work and loves to use creative therapy with her clients. Lonaye has 4 amazing kids and a wonderful partner in her life and in her spare time is usually to be found out running round the city.